Our goal is to provide a world-class spa experience for our guests; a place where beauty, comfort, knowledge, and attention, combine to create a totally memorable and rejuvenating experience. Our goal entails building enduring and rewarding relationships with our clients and community, through knowledge, wellness and superior service.


The benefits of our Spa

You can choose to take a full tour and benefit from the use of our Finnish sauna, relax your body with the use of our hydromassage, enjoy a good tea and end your day with colour therapy.

The Finnish sauna eliminates toxins
and purifies the organism

Toxins are proteins that affect the body, which digests them. Most things we consume contain them. Stress or lack of sleep also produce them.

Saunas are a natural remedy because, thanks to the heat they give off and the moisture they provide, they promote the elimination of toxins, thus achieving a purifying effect. The sweat produced by the high temperatures is a good way to eliminate toxins through the skin.

Skin care

High temperatures are good for the skin, removing dead cells and impurities. If you want to have bright and glowing skin, this type of sauna will help. It can be an additional beauty treatment.

Strengthens the immune system

The immune system defends us against infectious substances that make us sick. The high temperature strengthens our system, making it more efficient against viruses and bacterial attacks.

Similarly, another benefit is the opening of the nasal passages: if you have respiratory problems, this type of sauna will help improve this problem.

Relaxes the muscles

Another benefit of the Finnish sauna is muscle and joint relaxation. How long has it been since you have indulged in some relaxation? Peace of mind is essential in everyday life. After a hard day, this is the solution. Stress, tension, stiffness, nerves… They have the same benefits as many types of massage. Everything can be solved if you go to a Swedish sauna!

Helps you lose weight

Going to the sauna can be a complementary activity to doing sports, following a balanced diet, etc. Along with this, the sauna could be another activity that helps you lose weight, as it keeps your metabolism active. It encourages fluid loss and promotes good blood circulation.

What are the benefits of whirlpool bathing?

Hydromassage offers users several advantages, both economic and wellness.

Reduces stress

Taking time for yourself in the hot tub is great for clearing your mind after a busy day, eliminating tension and reducing stress. The massage provided by the pressure of the water jets helps to bring calmness back into the routine and calm you down.

Relaxes the body

The contact with the water and the massaging action of the targeted jets help to relax the muscles, promoting a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Improves sleep quality

As the whirlpool relaxes the body, relieves tension and reduces anxiety, it also contributes to the user’s quality of sleep. Anyone suffering from insomnia should experience this feeling at least once in their life.

Helps treat aches and injuries

Hydromassage is also good for your health. It helps relieve muscle or joint pain, heal muscle or ligament injuries, and even relieve the symptoms of osteoporotic diseases.

Promotes blood circulation

Hydromassage jets promote blood circulation. This has several health benefits: in addition to reducing the annoying swelling of feet and legs, it prevents varicose veins.

What is colour therapy and what are its benefits?

On the premise of being a therapy based on the benefits that colour conveys, colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is defined as “the technique that aims to stimulate feelings to restore imbalances generated by the stresses of everyday life and/or to stimulate more positive states of mind”.

The president of the Spanish Wellness and Spa Association, Alfredo Perez Sainz de la Maza, states that ‘after multiple studies, there is already a consensus on the use of colour in health and the general definition of chromotherapy’.

The most important benefits of colour therapy can be summarised in these four points:

  1. It helps to ‘recharge’ energy, reducing physical and mental fatigue.
  2. Helps reduce sleep disorders.
  3. Helps in the treatment of pain (headaches, muscular…).
  4. Stimulates the central nervous system
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