Work out even on holiday

The well-being of the body is a good habit to maintain

At Hotel Eco Life we have a fully equipped fitness area to keep you fit, even on holiday!

Did you know that health is based on three essential pillars? Movement, nutrition and rest. Three aspects that at the Hotel Eco Life we take to heart, guaranteeing the best from every point of view.

The fitness area is designed for anyone who doesn’t want to give up working out even on holiday. For your workout sessions you will find the solution that suits you best.

Here are some benefits you will get from using our equipment

Benefits of the elliptical machine

The benefits of the elliptical machine are almost countless. For some, the benefits will focus more on the muscles and for others on cardio, for example, or the possibility of training for hours without the muscles resisting.

Increased calorie consumption

In terms of intensity, the elliptical is one of the most powerful machines available.
The reason is that it involves the whole body. In addition, it is not too tiring, because you feel the movement in a kind of back and forth motion. For this reason, it is possible to spend a long time on the elliptical without feeling too tired. This leads to greater calorie expenditure.

Reduces stress

In general, practising sport reduces stress, because when we exercise we release certain hormones that eliminate stress and others that make us happy, such as serotonin. These hormones are particularly present at the end of physical activity.

The more complete the exercise, the more hormones will be released and the more stress and anxiety will be reduced. This is why the elliptical is one of the best fitness machines for eliminating work or family stress.

Muscle strengthening

This is the best-known advantage of the elliptical trainer and allows you to strengthen a large number of muscles. This is because it works both the upper and lower body, thanks to the footrests and arm grips. In addition, the elliptical trainer allows you to go backwards.

In general, numerous muscles are activated and trained, such as the calves, hamstrings, quadriceps when cycling backwards, buttocks, and others.

The first difference you will notice is a firmer and more muscular gluteus, which will also help strengthen the back muscles.

These are the main muscles the elliptical works on:

  • Biceps
  • Pectorals
  • Abs
  • Ischium
  • Calves
  • Deltoids
  • Triceps
  • Great latissimus dorsi
  • Lumbars
  • Glutes
  • Quadriceps
  • Lateral peroneals
  • No impact on joints
This advantage has already been mentioned and is one of the reasons why the elliptical is perfect for older people or people with fragile tendons and muscles: there is no impact.

On the elliptical, the body is fully integrated with the machine, there is no impact or collision. This provides great protection for the joints and prevents the risk of injury.

That is why, for example, if you are overweight, the elliptical is the perfect machine to start exercising.

Sculpts the body in a balanced way

The elliptical tones several muscle groups, both in the upper and lower body. This makes it possible to strengthen and develop distant and very different muscles at the same time.

This is why the elliptical is the best fitness machine for ensuring balance between the different muscles. In this way, you will not have one area more developed and another less worked.

Take care of your cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular health is essential, as there is currently a high rate of diseases related to circulatory or cardiac problems. By taking care of your cardiovascular health, you also take care of your entire organism and reduce stress and tension. Therefore, although it will not help you have a more toned physique, it will help you live longer and healthier.

Balance control

If you have balance or psychomotor problems, the elliptical can have many benefits for you. Besides helping you burn fat, it will help you control your body better due to the weightless feeling that the elliptical produces.

With the elliptical, body and machine are one and the same and you will have to work harder on your psychomotor skills and rhythm. It is one of the best aerobic machines!

Take care of your pelvic floor

Both men and women have a pelvic floor that helps us to have better posture, enjoy sex more, control our bladder better and, for women, even cope with childbirth and postpartum.

There are few machines that help take care of the pelvic floor, but the elliptical trainer is one of them.

Advantages of the horizontal press


Exercising with the press is similar to training with squats and has many advantages, one of which is the considerable improvement in terms of body posture, as the shape of the machine allows us greater security when we stand on it to use the movement, which means that our supports, in this case the back, suffer less damage with the movement and are not as affected by the weight we lift with our legs.

More weight

With the leg press we are more confident that we can lift more weight than we do with squats using the Olympic bar or dumbbells. The press has been designed to allow the user to have a tool in which to use more weight that affects the muscular formation of the legs, with a reduced risk of injury, so that we can overload the weight to increase the mass of the quadriceps, provided we can control the weight, of course, It is worth noting that although the press offers more support to our backs, allowing them to not be impacted more by the weight, our legs do; therefore, weight control will also depend on the strength developed in the legs, which means that the weight overload we add to the machine must be progressive as we progress in the exercise.

Pressure on the quadriceps

Since the posture of the machine allows the exercise to focus mainly on the legs, this means that the quadriceps (the muscle most used in the press) receive all the tension and pressure force of the press, i.e. it allows the exercise to focus mainly on these muscles; the downside of this is that other muscles are neglected, such as the gluteal muscles, however this can be remedied by supplementing with other exercises such as squats with weights, for example. Read on to learn more about the benefits of the leg press.


Although the press requires a standard position in which a region of the lower body muscles, such as the quadriceps, is specifically exercised, it is possible to apply a variation that allows other parts of the leg muscles to be worked. This can be varied in four ways depending on the position of the feet on the press platform, e.g.: placing both feet together on the upper part of the platform results in a greater impact of the exercise on the gluteus and ischio-obliques. Feet positioned at the bottom or in the middle produce more work on the quadriceps, while if we perform the exercise with our feet apart on the footplate, we exert more pressure on the adductors.

Diversity of pressures

Generally, in gyms, the vertical press is better known, in which we can work muscle areas such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus and adductors, depending on the position of the feet, as already mentioned. On the other hand, there is the horizontal press, where the work is done while seated and allows us to develop a lot of strength and mass in both hamstrings and quadriceps. Finally, there is the incline press, in which, like the horizontal press, a lot of work is done on the quadriceps and hamstrings, but there is little impact on the glutes and calves. The use of each is a matter of preference or versatility, which will also depend on which one is available in the gym where you train.

We hope that this article on the benefits of the leg press is useful for you to put the exercise into practice, keep in mind all the tips we have given you today and keep them in mind, remember that beyond the ability to go to the gym and use the equipment, it all depends above all on your motivation and determination, from here at Vida Fitness we encourage you to give 100% of your effort in every workout and focus your mind on what you want to achieve, drink plenty of water and follow a healthy and balanced diet, remember that you are what you eat. Never lose sight of the goal you want to achieve, do it for you and for your health, a healthy mind begets a healthy body.

Benefits of the Dorsales-Remo Medium

Back movement is a physical activity that focuses on strengthening and toning the back muscles. In addition to improving appearance, this discipline can provide various physical and emotional benefits.

Among the main benefits of back movement are improved posture and reduced back pain. By strengthening the back muscles, proper support of the spine is achieved, which promotes correct posture and reduces stress accumulated in the back during daily activities.

Another important benefit of back movement is injury prevention. Toning and strengthening the back muscles reduces the risk of back injuries by increasing the body’s ability to withstand the impact of sudden or strong movements.

Back movement can also improve breathing, as strengthening the back muscles also strengthens the intercostal muscles and improves lung capacity. This promotes deeper and more efficient breathing.

Finally, back movement can also provide emotional benefits. By improving posture and reducing back pain, stress and anxiety can be reduced, resulting in an overall sense of well-being. In addition, back movement can improve self-esteem and self-confidence, enhancing physical appearance and a sense of strength and control over one’s body.

Here are some of the benefits you will get with just a few of the many pieces of equipment we have in our gym

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