RESET Yoga & Coaching

This method creates a unique and emotional experience of self-discovery. It can impact your relationship to money, sex, confidence, or any of the day-to-day matters of human beings. The poses are used for insight and to guide your life: yoga as a self-coaching.

This sessions are for You if you Want to:

  • changing perspectives and create healthier and harmonious relationships;
  • finding direction and sense of purpose;
  • achieving goals and taking actions.


I will guide you through a series of modern yoga & archetypal poses that shape your life and gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and challenges. Having the chance to hit the reset button on all areas of life: mental and physical health, your emotional space, and your motivation.

The body speaks, senses and strengthens our beliefs. The body can be a key way to develop ourselves, if done intelligently.

BLISS Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is an exquisite blend of mindful and soothing movements designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul. Embarking on a journey of self-care, it can improve your sleep patterns, flexibility, fostering mindfulness and cultivate inner peace. 

This class is for You if you want to:

  • feeling vibrant and revitalized
  • escape from the chaos of everyday life
  • rediscover the joy of movement, the power of breath, and the magic of stillness


I will guide you through somatic movements, deep breathing, visualizations, and serene postures. Nurturing the beauty that resides within you.

Allow Gentle Yoga to become your sanctuary, unlock a world of serenity, vitality, and transformation. This therapeutic practice is tailored for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, ensuring a truly inclusive and harmonious experience.

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